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FBODY – C5 – GTO Billet Release Bearing Support



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Billet Aluminum Bearing Support – Replaces the weak/terribly designed plastic piece inside the slave cylinder that the release bearing attaches to.




From the beginning of the LS based platforms, GM’s vehicles have been plagued with hydraulic issues. The slave cylinders in the early year vehicles are cheap and often times must be replaced to keep from having to constantly deal with the failing internals that are used. Under extreme abuse, the bearing support inside the stock slave cylinder begins to deform and melt/disintegrate. When this occurs you will have a complete slave cylinder failure, and often times that leads to a clutch failure since it dumps fluid on the frictions when the heat gets to the point it destroys the seal internally. Our billet bearing support alleviates this issue by replacing the very subpar plastic piece with a billet aluminum piece that is far more robust in every aspect.  We’ve addressed the same issue in the newer slave cylinders and have now applied that same type of solution to the older GM slave cylinders. Albeit, the older units required us to get creative since we didn’t want to have to recreate the wheel to the point that it drove the cost through the roof and we wanted to make installation simple. The solution we’ve created allows the use of the stock slave base, the spring, and the outer plastic shield to keep the unit functioning 100% as it did from the factory, with the exception of the very beefy and much-needed billet bearing support inside. With the addition of our billet bearing support you no longer have to look to purchasing over-priced aftermarket slave cylinders to have confidence in your swapped or older style LS-based hydraulic setup. These pieces are 100% made in the USA with USA-sourced 6061T6 billet aluminum material – these fit all 1998-2002 Fbody, C5 Corvette, and 2004-2006 GTO factory slave cylinders as well as any swap using these vehicles’ transmissions.  DOES NOT FIT MONSTER TRIPLE DISC SETUPS

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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