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Become A Monster – Late Model Performance Clutches


In 2006, Steve Addison and Loyd Mead started a small performance shop named SNL Performance. From that experience early on they found that there was a rather large gap of lacking customer service and quality components in the performance clutch industry. After using all of the “name brand” clutches, as well as a few smaller brands – with nothing but issue after issue and horrible support/customer service – an opportunity presented itself via a chance communication with a friction engineer that blossomed into what is now known as Monster Clutch Co. – over the next few months a lot of blood, sweat, tears and money were used to create, test and prove the Monster Clutch lineup – in late 2008 all of that hard work came to fruition as Monster Clutch Co. officially started selling to the public.

Over the course of the years to follow we have grown on that original architecture of hard work, dedication and determination is what builds not only a great product but also a great work place. With over 35 years of experience available in clutch based knowledge, as well as more than 30 years in machining and manufacturing experience, we are now one of the fastest growing and highest quality clutches available on Earth.


Proudly manufactured in Texas, our 11,000 square foot state of the art facility is constantly evolving and improving to better serve our past, present and future customers. From a stock replacement unit all the way to one of our 2000 hp triple disc setup, and our upcoming four disc units, every single clutch is designed, built, tested, and proven by us for you the consumer – all of this as well as our constant research and development on new units and technology allows us to provide our customers with the absolute best clutch every single time.

Here at Monster Clutch Co. we are 100% dedicated to providing quality clutches that offer hassle free operation, as well as the tech support to back them. Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed our customer’s expectations with every opportunity we are given – that and to provide guys and gals who are still rowing gears a clutch that will make them proud to do so!

The focus of our overall culture has driven us to produce US designed, engineered and manufactured quality clutch componentry for the domestic performance car market since that time of release. We revolutionized the industry with our 12 month warranty, which has been attempted to be copied by numerous competitors, though we still are the only company to not void the warranty if you race your vehicle. We are the only company to offer a No Questions Asked extended warranty, and are on the forefront of technological evolutions in the friction and clutch industry. All this has equated to numerous records and tens of thousands of happy customers.