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Monster Clutch Co. GEN 1 CTSV 36"...

Monster Clutch Co. GEN 1 CTSV 36" Remote Bleeder


Flushing and bleeding your clutch hydraulic system is one of the most critical things you can do as a manual transmission vehicle owner - this 2-man bleeder makes it easy and mess free!


We recommend you flush and bleed your hydraulic system every track outing, or at the very least every other oil change. By using a remote bleeder it allows you to do this maintenance from under the hood instead of under the car, additionally it keeps the fluid run off out of the bellhousing and away from your clutch - this is critical. Our standard remote bleeders require two people, one in the vehicle pumping the clutch pedal and one at the end of the line cycling the fitting, these are robust and long lasting and the most recommended version by our users - if you're looking for a one-man bleeder take a look at our speed bleeders.

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