LT1-S Organic Triple Disc C6 Clutch Kit - Rated at 1150 RWHP/RWTQ

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LT1-S Organic Triple Disc C6 Clutch Kit - Rated at 1150 RWHP/RWTQ

Rated at 1150 rwhp / 1150 rwtq

1 = Worse | 5 = Best

Clutch ExpectationsRating ( Scale of 1 to 5 )
Street Manners5
Noise @ Idle3
Pedal Effort5
High RPM Release5



ModificationsRec or Not Rec
N/A Stock CubeRecommended
N/A StrokerRecommended


Our easiest clutch to drive that will hold a stout 1150 rwhp, and be abused without mercy! This clutch is a fantastic unit that comes complete with all hardware and a billet steel flywheel. The LT1-S Triple has been tested to in excess of 7,500 rpm’s without release issues and can be driven by a 100 lbs person easily. Great for the guys with n/a setups or power adders looking to daily drive their cars or take them to the track, this setup will do it all. *Absolutely no chatter is to be expected of this unit, it will drive factory smooth!

One of the craziest contraptions we've created - the LT1 triple disc is rated at a breathe taking 1,150 rwhp. There isn't much else to say about that… you can drive it daily and abuse the heck out of it. Standing mile? Done. Quarter mile? Done. Daily driving? Done. This is the best of the best when holding capacity is what you're looking for. Trying to get anything else to hold is just a waste of time. *You may experience light chatter during the break in - after the break in the clutch should be smooth and easy to drive.

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