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Elizabeth Puckett

  When I bought my 1998 Firebird Formula well over a decade ago, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get out of hand with the modifications. Just a nice exhaust and maybe a good air intake was as far as I ever intended to go.


See, that stock 320 horsepower Formula is a totally different beast as it has evolved quite a bit over the last ten years -- it has an extremely aggressive camshaft, ported cylinder heads, and basically everything you can upgrade/add on an LS1 besides forced induction.

Not to mention, it was born an automatic and was raced that way for about 7 years with a high stall torque converter until we retired the car from the track a few years ago. When racing the car every weekend was off the table, a T56 6-speed manual swap was the next logical (for a car junkie at least) step.

I bought a full conversion, had the transmission beefed up to handle the engine’s output, and then put it together with friends in our garage. The clutch I bought to go with it was a LS7 clutch -- the new T56 felt amazing, but the clutch was weak from the start. I’m not trying to spark a debate about LS7 clutches, there’s plenty of forums having that same debate right now -- I’m just saying that something about it has always been less than impressive.  About 3,000 miles later, the clutch is toast under very tame driving conditions.

Since all the work done on my car is done by me and my husband, there's a huge lump in my throat whenever we invest time or money into a part that doesn’t function as expected. I’m pretty thorough when it comes to researching parts for my car -- and the results I was finding for the big brand names in clutches were unsettling. I won’t mention those brands because I can’t verify exact quality myself, but they’re the ones that would come to mind when you think of buying a clutch.

Reviews included unnerving commentary like:

“The first one I bought from (brand X) was professionally installed and it failed within two weeks.”


“Now the (Brand X) clutch wont disengage until it’s near on the floor and sometimes grinds gears mainly 3rd & reverse it seems.”

The “big name” brands all seemed to come with big complaints from users, especially those with cars that had some power behind them. It was almost on accident that I found out about Monster Clutches, and when I did I knew that was my next buy. If this clutch lives up to its current reputation, it could be the next big name in clutches (they also sell kits for many other applications & makes/models).

So I placed my order for a level two kit with optional premium option that includes the addition of the slave cylinder and bolts.

The massive box was hastily carried to my doorstep by two delivery drivers who didn’t look too pleased about having to carry it, but in my adrenaline filled excitement, I drug it into the garage myself and my partner in crime and I installed it the following weekend.

The install...

Getting ready for the installation, here are my parts:

  1. Monster Level 2 Clutch, Pressure Plate, and Billet Flywheel
  2. Pilot Bearing
  3. Pilot Bearing Puller
  4. Release Bearing
  5. Slave Cylinder
  6. Clutch Alignment Tool
  7. Transmission Jack (borrowed from our friend Joe!)
  8. Various Socket Wrenches & Torque Wrench

Install Time: Should Take About 5 Hours

*Please note as you scroll through my pictures that this car used to be an automatic and some of the components, like the sensors, are still in place -- those aren’t relevant to this project.

I’m not going to bog you down with what size each bolt is or what to torque everything to, those details are easily found online or in your trusty Haynes manual. This is just meant to offer you a clear picture of what it takes for a “home mechanic” to install a Monster clutch.

Getting it into the air safely is priority #1, please refer to an article I wrote about this here for my full rundown on at-home jack stand safety.\


Just like with any auto project, getting started is a matter of getting things out of your way to reach your part.

Start by removing your shift knob and center console, followed by your shifter and stuff a rag into the transmission (this will keep the transmission safe once you pull it out).

I can’t speak for the stock exhaust, but I’m pretty sure if you have a stock exhaust, you’ll need to take it down. We had to take mine down because it got in the way of pulling the transmission down.

You will need to unbolt and remove the driveshaft next, the transmission crossmember, and the tunnel brace. Then you’ll want to put your transmission jack into place and unbolt, then lower the transmission.

Removing the old pressure plate, clutch, and flywheel is just as simple as unbolting them and pulling them off the back of the engine.


Getting the pilot bearing out will require a special tool you can rent for less than $40 from any local auto parts store.

Pulling the new Monster Clutch Kit out of the box, I noticed a few unique things about it. First, the quality is really impressive, second, it’s really awesome looking -- and it’s really a shame that you can’t see it when it’s done.

A huge thing that made this install go more smoothly than the LS7 is that you don’t need to shim the slave cylinder -- if that needed to be done, the install would’ve been pushed back another week looking for the shim. I do, however, urge you to measure it to confirm for yourself.

Like with all clutch kits, be sure to thoroughly clean the part before installation, dirty parts equate to premature wear and tear -- you invested in the part, invest in the few moments it takes to clean it.

Put the flywheel on the crank and line up the bolts. Use red loctite on these bolts and torque to specs. Next, install the clutch disc with the alignment tool, followed by the pressure plate -- install the torque bolts with red loctite and torque to spec.

Reinstall your transmission and crossmember and torque to spec. Then, install the driveshaft and torque arm, and torque bolts to spec -- now you can finally get out from under your car.

Since the shifter is already off, it’s easiest to fill the transmission up with fluid from here, so pour away. Once that’s done, reinstall the console, add a bead of RTV around the opening, install the shifter, boot, knob, and you’re done on the inside.

Next, you’ll want to bleed the system and you’ll need to adjust the master cylinder if you have an adjustable one.

As my last note about the installation, I started documenting this with the idea that there was going to be something “special” that needed to be done since it’s an aftermarket kit, and ended up discovering quite the opposite. This clutch kit installs exactly like a factory replacement.

I don’t say this lightly, and I’m not the kind to over exaggerate but so far, this clutch has lived up to its reputation as far as I’m concerned. The clutch feels like a stock clutch but can actually handle the power that’s being thrown at it -- it shifts very smoothly, doesn’t stick at all, it’s really transformed the way my car drives as a manual. I had no idea what I was missing by using the LS7 clutch initially and I’m so thrilled with my selection.

In conclusion, I am more than impressed by not only the kit, but the easy installation, and results. I can’t wait to get this Monster to the track and throw it up on a dyno in the upcoming months to see exactly how much difference it makes when you have a clutch that’s made to handle the power output of the car. 

My final thought: this product is superior in every aspect -- I will be recommending the brand with confidence. We will also most certainly be installing another one of these in our 1974 Formula with LS1/T56 swap when it comes time to finish that project in a few months.

Author Elizabeth Puckett is first and foremost an auto enthusiast. Raised by a race car driver, Elizabeth has worked to set up several south east based car clubs, spent her youth on a race track, and is somewhat of a LS1 guru. Her passion has turned into a career where she works with sites like AutoFoundry.com and GMPartsOnline.net as a professional auto blogger.


Joe Stetin


I have been using your LT1-R twin disk clutch now for over a month and this thing is awesome!  It drives like its stock and is holding 1150whp and 1200tq in my c5 z06 flawlessly.  I beat the heck out of it this past weekend at the Texas Invitational.  The car went 169.17mph and finished in the top 10 in both 6-speed and RWD challenges out of 40+ cars in each event.  Your customer service and communication is unmatched and the Monster products speak for themselves.  Could not be happier with this clutch and can't wait to go 170+ in the spring!  Thanks again for your support!!!

- Joe Stetin (C5Z 8 U)"

2002 c5 z06 corvette
Monster LT1-R twin disk clutch
ERL sleeved 427
Novi 2000 Supercharger
2" Headers
Nitrous Express Plate kit (150 shot)
DSS Driveshaft
LG Drag Spindles 
15x10 Weld RTS wheels with Radial Pros
RPM T56 Trans


Paul Kozelsky


My GTO had another clutch it was heavy and engaged very high and after a 383 Stroker build, the clutch could not handle the new found power and let go on the dyno. Had a Monster Stage 5 put in and it feels and grabs great handles the 440rwhp and tq with no problems. I am very happy with this clutch, but my tires don't feel the same way!!


Randall Moury


I have been running a Monster level 3 premium clutch package for about a year now and am very happy. My 2006 Pontiac GTO recently made 441hp and 404tq. Mods are heads, cam, headers, catback, 3.91 gears, etc. I have made many 12 second passes at the track with 4000-5000rpm clutch dumps with my best time of 12.1@117 and a best 60' of 1.70. The clutch had just the feel I was looking for and never disappoints.

UPDATE: 11/21/2011

The other night with the same mods I ran a 11.8@118 with a 1.72 60'. The clutch has been holding up great since I bought it about a year ago.

Randall Moury/ randy555 of LS1GTO.com


Josh Pratt


Monster Stage 4 has met and exceeded my expectations. I have been on this clutch for about two years now with the power level starting at 330hp and 350tq then on to the new motor which put down 504hp 460tq and now with nitrous throw at it 702hp and 812tq. This clucth has held everytime pass after pass. Not only does it hold at the strip but I have put a TON of street miles on it and it feels just like the stock one when driving around town or in rush hour traffic. Best E.T is a 10.05@137 with a 1.43 60ft dumping the clutch around 6500rpm. I cant believe this thing is still as good as the day I put it in. Highy recommend this clucth to anyone.

Texas speed 408
Nitrous outlet 102 plate kit.
Prc stage 3 ls6 heads
Fast 102
Texas speed 1 7/8 headers
Dmh 3in cutouts
Texas speed rumbler catback
Monster stage 4 clutch
Tick adjustable master cylinder
Cincy speed custom built T56
Mid west chassis 9 in
PST 3in driveshaft
4.10 gears
Strange 35 spline axles
Wave trac limited slip





My name is Kyle G. from Fort Worth, Texas and I compete in the Fabricated Motorsports and Stick To Drifting events. I came to SNL Performance in March of '09 for a simple tune on completing my LS6 swap. I quickly became very interested in Monster Clutches and their solid following. After talking with Steve we decided a 11" ceramic would perform very well in my car for drifting. This clutch is very streetable and can handle the abuse of drifting with ease. So far I have completed an entire season with zero issues. I will recommend Monster Clutches to anyone with a LSx in their car, after surpassing my expectations for a performance clutch. Look for me to be competing in the Xtreme Drift Circuit very soon.






My name is Keenan and I from Canada. Lets start off with the service Monster Clutch Co. provided me. I called these guys up on Thursday the 12th of Aug and explaind that I needed a clutch for my car asap as I had a drift event On the 22nd. Needless to say these guys have their ducks in line. I had my clutch on the way to me that day, and managed to get the clutch with two days to put it in, break it in and get to the track. Everything worked out so perfectly. I got the engine in and was at the track drifting all day! The clutch I went with was a 11 Ceramic Race unit. And quite frankly, its exactly what i needed in my 240, an on off switch that can handle brutal clutch kicks that is still somewhat streetable. Thanks again for a super good experience. I will recommend Monster Clutches to anyone with a LSx in their car!

Link to Drifting Video: http://vimeo.com/14539546


Scott Peede


I have been running your Level 2 clutch with great success this year. I don’t have the fastest car around but it’s no slouch either. With yours and Chris’s help I’ve been able to get down to an 11.24. I love driving the car to the track with a clutch that could easily be in a daily driver and running mid 11’s! I have been telling everyone I know in the market for a clutch to give you guys a call. Thanks again for all the help before and AFTER the purchase.

5.3 heads, 224/232 cam, LG streets, ls6 intake, 3.42 gears, 26/11.50 et streets, 12.5 psi in the tires, Monster level 2 clutch, 4500 two-step clutch dump.

Thank you!
Scott Peed




The Monster Level 2 can do it all Auto-X, Road Race and Drag Race as Chris's '99 FRC Corvette proves! The car makes 422 hp and 393 ftlbs of torque at the rear wheels and has been a best of 10.99@125.5 in the 1/4 on a 1.49 60' in ~-400' DA. It's equipped with a custom ground cam at only 218* of duration on the intake side, Vararam Induction, 85mm MAF, ported LS6 throttle body and FAST 92mm intake, PRC Stage 2.5 5.3L heads unmilled with stock gaskets, and the 112k mile stock bottom end. The powered is transmitted through a MN12 transmission and 4.10 gears. The clutch sees shifts at 7200rpm at the strip and doesn't skip a beat even hot lapping yet engagement is just like an OEM clutch; amazingly you can have your pie and eat it too at under 550rwhp!

Best 1/8 MPH - 100.6
Best 1/4 MPH 126.7

"We got the season final points standings. Formula D pro am finished in the top 12 and DMCC Pro in the Top 16. Im happy with the end result despite missing a couple qualifying events that would have got me into top 8 in points but im already starting to prep for next season. Top 5 and a Formula D pro license is the goal! Thanks again for all the help this season with the clutch and flywheel."


Resurrection Motorsports


Recently, Josh from Resurrection Motor Sports hit the track with on of his customer’s 2007 Corvette. Could he get the newly modified LS2 into the 10's in the 1/4 mile? Yes… yes he could. Modifications are listed below:

* A&A Si trim S/C 3.8? Pulley
* A&A Fuel System
* Alky Control Single Nozzle Meth Kit
* ARH 1 7/8? Headers
* RMS Stg 4 S/C Cam
* Monster Clutch Stg 5 Clutch
* RMS Custom 2 BAR Tuned

Last Pass of the night and on the video:
1.54 60ft
4.37 330ft
6.80 @ 102mph
8.85 1000ft
10.59 @ 126mph


Doug Macy


Here's a sound clip of my car. This clutch is the shit!!! I have spent twice as much before and haven't gotten half the clutch. I can feel how hard this will grab and without question I'll only be buying Monster Clutches for all my cars from now on!!!

Update: So the monster clutch I got from u is still hammering times down pulled a cam only 11.89 @116 1.68 60ft Not many do that. I've put 15k on it and drives like it did the day it was installed thanks again couldn't be happier w this.



Bruce Keith


This is the 2nd fastest documented Bolt ons only C6Z06 in the country. This car is the fastest stock geared Bolt ons only C6Z06. For comparison the fastest Heads/Cam/Intake C6Z06 making near 600rwhp has run a best of 9.97 at 139.39mph with a 1.44 60ft. The car is consistantly launched between 4000-5000rpm+ and shifted between 7000-7200rpms every gear. This has been an amazing accomplishment for a clutch like Monster to achieve perfection on clamping force, ability to shift at such a high RPM smoothly every time to maximize ET and MPH of the C6Z06 Corvette while having daily driveable reliablity.

Youtube videos are found by searching under "FartpipeZ28" user name Link to 1.45 60ft run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zC8lsu0PhTA Link to 10.34 run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJT4tqttTiI Link to GO-PRO video camera angle on 10.34 runs (keep in mind on the first run it was aborted due to the 60ft was not good enough to run out not a missed gear) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvPXkc7LIjs HD video of 1.48 60ft run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCRbLIZaENM


Chris Gonzalez




1st place at the D-Spec invitational and finished in the Top 12 at our 2nd Round of the DMCC Pro season.  Also the car won Best Engine and Best of Show Race Car at the Driven to Perform show.

June 2012 Update:

NOS Energy Proving Grounds - 1st Place
DriftWest Pro Canadian Series - Round 1 - 6th Place
Formula Drift Pro Am - Round 1 - 5th Place

July 2012 Update:

DriftWest Pro Canadian Series - Round 1 - Edmonton - 6th Place
Formula Drift Pro Am - Louisville Kentucky - Round 1 - 5th Place
NOS Energy Drift Competition - BIR Minnesota - 1st Place

1993 Nissan Silvia S14 My name is Chris Gonzalez from Canada and I am a Pro driver in the Drift Mania Canadian Championship series and as well with Formula Drift Pro Am in the United States. I am a sponsored driver by Monster Clutches and have been more then impressed about the quality and strength of the clutch and flywheel that I received from Monster Clutches. In drifting you are constantly "clutch kicking" which is probably one of the worst things for a clutch and this clutch I have found to be extremely responsive and aggressive when wanted but also has the feel of a very smooth and easy to work with factory style clutch. After seeing the quality and using these clutches on the track I can not think of any reason to put any other brand of clutch on my LS6 V8 powered S14. www.GonzoDrift.com


Finished in 5th place in Indianapolis for Round 3 of the Formula Drift pro am and got 1st at the Indy Rage event.   Here's a video of Top 16 Qualifying for Round 3.






I just thought I would touch base and give you some feedback on one of your products. My name is Dalton, my user name on most of the message forums is BillyBob750. Anyway, I'm running one of your level four clutches along with your billet steel flywheel in my 2005 GTO. I've ran a few different clutches over the last couple of years, but really couldnt be any happier with the holding power and street-ability of this clutch. My car just has a few bolt-on parts, cam swap, and a nitrous kit. All motor, I've been as quick as 11.99 @ 118MPH with a 1.70 short time, the car has been 1.68 before. I guess the only complaint I have with your clutch is that it holds too much power on nitrous! So far, I have a 100% success rate at destroying half-shafts on the bottle! Im hoping to break into the tens sometime during the upcoming season.



Christian Voigt


I have searched for a long time for a clutch that can take the abuse I give it, and I finally found one!!!  I bought a Monster Level III clutch, and a Tick master cylinder and have nothing but great things to say about their reliability and durability.  First, here is some background.  I have a 2000 Camaro SS, 346ci, Stage 1 Patriot heads, Torquer V.2 cam, FAST 92mm intake, all bolt ons, and of course a Monster clutch.  So far I have made 27 passes on this clutch, and I have about 1000 street miles.  The car destroyed the 12 bolt rear the first time I launched it at the strip, which lead me to buy a 9" rear.  Also the T-56 seemed to be injured as well, as I could not shift as fast as I would like, or have..  But, the car still went 11.04 @ 125.6 with a 1.53 60'.  It has gone a best of 1.50 thus far with the monster clutch... I am very very pleased!!!  It is a great clutch, 27 passes, no hint of clutch smell, boiled fluid or anything.  Also, several of those were hot laps, some were 3 in a row, no cool down.  If you want a clutch that can grab like crazy, and withstand a beating, the Monster is for you.  Just be prepared, it finds EVERY weak link... :)

Christian Voigt
Baldwin, NY




The level 3 clutch I had installed by Steve @ SNL has been superb. My stock clutch was on it's last leg and I knew I wouldn't hold for much longer. After quickly putting on the recommended 500 break in miles I headed straight to the track. Let's just say I was totally impressed with how this clutch responded with the 3500rpm dumps (I wish I could say the same for my rear suspension! LOL) I'm really looking forward to going back to the track and seeing what else I can throw at this clutch.
- James
Waco, Tx




"I'm extremely happy with my Monster Level 3 Premium package! Quick delivery, excellent packaging, great customer service, and top notch quality in parts are a few of the many great things I experienced when i ordered my clutch from Monster Clutch Co. The pedal stiffness and engagement is also excellent. I've heard awesome feedback about the products and my decision was easy and I am very content I chose Monster. Thanks Steve!



Mike Hankel


After completing an LS1 swap into my 97 Z28 I did a alot of research regarding clutches for LS1's. What I found was that a relatively new company (Monster) had been getting rave reviews on the message forums. I wanted a clutch that could take some serious track abuse and yet still have good street manners without chatter or being overlly grabby. After talking to Steve on the phone we decided that a Monster Level III was just what I needed. I was told it might have a little bit of chatter during the break-in period, which it did, but it would go away after it was fully seated. Now the clutch drives very well on the street, no chatter at all, but it holds VERY well. The car has only been to the track one time so far and unfortunately for me, the tires wouldn't hold nearly as well as the clutch did. I still managed several 11.70 @ 123mph runs (spinning 1st and 2nd gear) in full street trim  through the exhaust, with heavy chrome 17x11 ZR1 wheels, and Nitto 315 drag radials. The engine is an all-bore 387 LS1, 236/236 MTI Cam, Self Ported L92 Heads, Supporting Bolt-Ons, Quick Performance 9" Rearend with 3.89 gears. Now all I need is some suspension tuning and a good tire and maybe I'll have some updated timeslips soon. :) All I can say is that this clutch has surpassed all of my expectations so far. Thanks Steve for producing a clutch that is well deserved to the LSX crowd.

11.03 @ 125.55mph

BTW, the car has around 80 passes on the Monster Level III so far. Alot of those have been hot laps when I was dialing in the suspension. I still could not be happier with the performance of this clutch. I have never had this clutch slip or give any hint of clutch smell at all. I drove this car to the track for every event. Unfortunately I blew up the engine late in the 09' season so it's getting a built 370 for next season. While the engine was being torn down, I noticed the transmission yoke (forged Spicer unit) had some twisted splines. Looks like the Monster found another weak link in the driveline haha... Time for a billet steel yoke I guess. :)




The level 3 clutch I had installed by Steve @ SNL has been superb. My stock clutch was on it's last leg and I knew I wouldn't hold for much longer. After quickly putting on the recommended 500 break in miles I headed straight to the track. Let's just say I was totally impressed with how this clutch responded with the 3500rpm dumps (I wish I could say the same for my rear suspension! LOL) I'm really looking forward to going back to the track and seeing what else I can throw at this clutch.
- James
Waco, Tx




I had SNL Performance install a Monster Clutch Level 2.5 Premium package with the lightweight chromoly flywheel. I could not be happier! It seems that after 40k miles my stock clutch was on its last legs. The install went seamless. I dropped my car off Monday morning and it was ready later that day. They use their own version of a modified C6 slave cylinder (for those who were going to ask). The Level 2.5 is rated to hold 525rwhp. I'm at 375rwhp/368rwtq right now, but my future mods will include; a nice size cam, ported heads, ported TB, and a ported intake manifold. In the break in period I did notice some chatter when starting in first. I wasn't too worried about it because this is a heavier duty clutch, I don't expect it to be as smooth when starting. Now that I'm at 1500 mile I rarely get chatter and the more I beat on the clutch the better it feels. The 15lb chromoly flywheel that came with the package is AMAZING!  My car feels like it gained 50rwhp from it. It revs up so quickly. 1st and 2nd gears fly by now. Overall I am very pleased. I would recommend Monster Clutches to anyone. Their customer service was great as well. They are a great group of guys to work with.
Thanks, Brandon




"When it comes to choosing parts for my car I only buy the best! After researching and hearing all the positive feedback I knew this was the best clutch out there. I chose the Monster Level 3 Premium kit and I have been 110% satisfied with my choice. During break-in I had a little chatter but after 200 miles it was completely gone. The pedal is just a tad bit stiffer than stock but gives a much more predictable feel which I prefer. I couldn't be happier. Thanks Steve!"






PRC level 2.5 5.3l heads
Custom Comp Cam (230/236 .613/.613 112+3 LSA)
New Era CAI w/ "hardcore" conversion
ARH 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers
Spintech Cat Back
Shaner S3 ported Throttle Body


RPM level V built transmission
Monster level 3 Premium
Braided clutch line and remote bleeder




I had about 550 miles on it by the time I got home. Had to do a couple of 4th gear blasts on it around 350 and 500 miles (damn mustangs). It has a much more predictable pedal and a much harder bite now. Still have a little chatter in 1st, but I think it will go away after driving around town this week. I'm pretty happy with it so far, but my left hip was sore before I left FTW with it. I didn't realize how bad of shape I was in before. Again, thank you guys very much for everything.

Monster Clutches: Thanks Jason! Yep, your stock clutch was completely destroyed! I can't believe that thing actually propelled your car!!




I have been running monster clutches for about 3 years now, from when the car was cam only stock bottom end, to now a 770rwhp 9 second street car. I currently run the 11" ceramic race clutch with the 18lb flywheel and I love it.
The pedal feel is perfect, slightly heavier than stock but not to hard to drive in heavy traffic for long periods of time. This clutch drives so well on the street you would never guess it would hold and perform so well under extreme abuse. I have put hundreds of passes on these clutches and never had one slip, even with 6500-7000 rpm launches with the car weighing 3700lbs and it does consistant mid 1.4 60's. I have gone as fast as 9.77@143mph on my 11" monster and have no plan to stop pushing the car faster and faster in the future.

404ci 11.7:1cr
prc 237 heads
victor jr
4150 throttle body
4150 nitrous plate
1 7/8" tps headers
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