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  • Our clutches typically do not require shimming of the slave cylinder, however, we recommend measuring the setup to make sure that the tolerances in your vehicle will not cause release issues. If you have any questions on this please contact us directly.

Tick Performance sells shim kits here - if you need them. We like to see no less than a .0625" gap and no more than a .200" gap on our units, ours differ form what most say because our lift/release is different than others. The most common place that shows how to measure for a shim is located here - - again, most of the time we do not require shims but every car is slightly different and things can stack against you. Further, anyone running a SFI approved bell housing will most definitely need a shim, this is due to the tolerances of these units manufacturing processes.


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PREMIUM AND BASIC PACKAGE? This is asked from us more than 10 times a day. Short and sweet - Basic Packages include the disc, pressure plate, flywheel, release bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool. The Premium Package includes all of that and a new slave cylinder.
DO I NEED AN ADJUSTABLE MASTER CYLINDER? The answer to this question will always be no. This said, the adjustable master cylinders offered by the guys at Tick Performance are outstanding units and we highly recommend them on a daily basis. They are well thought out and fantastic performing products. Any racer or aggressive street driver will benefit from these, anyone who just daily drives their car should know that they will add ~30% stiffness to the pedal effort and will shrink the engagement window, that said it's a small price to pay for what you get.
CAN I USE AN ADJUSTABLE MASTER CYLINDER? Yes, on every Monster Clutch product except for our billet twins/triples. The reasoning behind this is these units have very, very tight tolerance setups. Because of this these things can be easily overextended and severely damaged. Most of the warranty issues we have with the billet units is from improperly adjusted aftermarket masters.
CAN I USE ARP HARDWARE? Though we don't necessarily recommend ARP for our units they can used on all of our setups except the LT1 series multi disc clutches, these cannot use ARP bolts as they will absolutely destroy the setup. We've made over 1,400 rwhp on factory hardware without any issues, that said, some want ARP and those guys can do it on most of our units. Please note, we do NOT recommend using lubricant around any friction surface! If you do use ARP bolts DO NOT USE LUBRICANT on the threads, use a liberal amount of red loctite and all will be well.
IS THE WARRANTY TRANSFERABLE? No, the warranty on Monster Clutches are for the original purchasers only. 
IS THE "NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY" OPTION REALLY JUST THAT? Yes, it absolutely is! If you purchase this option you literally have 12 months from the time of purchase to "cash in" on a no questions warranty. You can literally call us and say you don't like the way the clutch looks, literally, we'll replace it without question once we get the old unit back - regardless if you race it, daily drive it, or use it in a random manner. Remember though, this ONLY applies to those who purchase this option, this is not our standard one year warranty.
WILL RACING MY CAR VOID MY CLUTCH WARRANTY? No, that would completely negate calling these performance clutches... as long as the unit was recommended by us, fits the power that you're making, and isn't being used in a plainly ignorant manner, we'll cover it.
WHAT WILL VOID MY CLUTCH WARRANTY? This one could be a long one, but, here is the short version. Any fluid contamination, installer error, usage error (yes, this exists), ignorance or irresponsibility, over-powering the unit, under-powering the unit (yes, this exists as well) or not maintaining the unit. If you have an issue just give us a shout and we'll go over things with you in a methodical, technical, and fair way.
IS MY CLUTCH REALLY MADE IN THE USA? All of our units frictions, pressure plate internals, and flywheels are made right here in the United States, most of this is actually made right here in Texas! That said, we're not going to go into the business of making bearings, slave cylinders, alignment tools, and hardware so it goes without saying these are not US made parts. Though they still go through our process of quality control, it is your right to know what you get. Keep in mind we are one of only a handful of USA made clutch units on the planet, sad but true.
WHERE CAN I GET INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR UNITS? There is an "Instructions" option on the front page of the site, if you cannot find it shoot us an email and we'll get them over as soon as possible.
WILL MY CLUTCH LEAVE AS SOON AS I ORDER IT? More than likely, no. All Monsters are made to order and typically take 5-7 business days not including holidays/weekends from the time we take your funds to the time it's ready to ship, triple disc units can take up to 14 business days and billet race/custom one-off units can take up to 4 weeks.
DO YOU SHIP WORLDWIDE? Absolutely! We ship all over the world and have a Monster on every continent that isn't frozen solid. :-) If you want to inquire about international shipments please contact the owner directly at
WHO DO YOU SHIP WITH? We proudly ship FedEx on all packages except for APO's or PO Boxes, for those guys we use USPS.
If you have any questions beyond these please contact us via email at or give us a call at 817-750-2000.