The break in period for all S twin and triple disc clutches, as well as SC / R single, twin, and triple disc clutches, is 500 miles. During this 500 mile period you want to heat cycle the clutch material as much as possible. By this we mean that you want to do as much stop-and-go traffic as possible, with ample cool down periods in between drives. In the first 500 miles, try and avoid long road trips - if you cannot avoid long distance trips do not count those as break in miles.


For S single and SK twin/triple units the break in is a bit more involved. We require a minimum of 750 miles of heat cycled break in miles as described above, this can increase to over 1000 miles of break in depending on the drivers habits/styles of driving. It is IMPERATIVE that you heat cycle Kevlar friction as it requires this to temper the material so that it will hold the rated capacity of the clutch. If you fail to do this properly it will cause the clutch to not hold the rated power and will ultimately cause a failure of the friction, this is NOT covered under our warranty. 


We recommend you drive your vehicle to and from work if this commute includes stop-and-go traffic. This will allow you to work the pedal repeatedly with an ample cool down period while you are working or when you get home.


It is imperative that you follow these instructions - especially when using Kevlar materials. Our material must be tempered by heat cycling or it will not hold the advertised power. If you have additional questions feel free to reach out to us via phone!