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Thank you for purchasing a Monster Clutch product! Here are a few small reminders on basic things to do when installing a clutch.

We do not recommend inexperienced technicians install these units, that said, if you get stuck or are not sure about something STOP IMMEDIATELY AND CONTACT US! Ignoring things or getting something wrong during the installation can be very costly in the end and is not covered under our warranty – when in doubt ASK!

-     If you are installing this clutch in a Gen 1 CTS-V make certain that you use the following hardware. Flywheel Bolt GM pn – 11569956, and Pressure Plate Bolt GM pn – 12561465, this is very important!

-     You must use Red Loctite on the pressure plate bolts and you must install new flywheel bolts as they are a TTY bolt from the factory, GM includes the loctite/sealant on these bolts when you purchase them, there is no need for anything else.

-     Make sure that all friction mating surfaces are clean. Spray brake cleaner on a rag and wipe the surfaces down to get all of the packing oils, etc. off of the surfaces. This is important as fluid contamination is the #1 reason for chatter as well as friction failure and is NOT covered under our warranty.


-     When installing the clutch make certain that the disc pack reassembles exactly how you disassembled it. If you get this backwards your clutch will not disengage and damage will occur.

-     Our clutches typically do not require shimming of the slave cylinder. That said, we recommend measuring your setup to ensure things are as they should be. There are multiple tolerances at play (bell housing, transmission case, clutch assembly, crankshaft flange, and engine block) that can be off one way or another, by measuring you ensure that your entire setup, not just the clutch, is correct and within tolerance. See our FAQ page for information on how to measure and what tolerances you should see (under "Does my clutch need a shim").

-     Quick Time/aftermarket bellhousings will almost always need some sort of a shim – their tolerances are quite a bit different than OEM and vary from part to part.

-     Never attempt to measure the setup with a tape measure, you must always use a set of calipers – whether they are digital or not does not matter, as long as you can read them. If you contact us with measurements, they must be to the .001” or we cannot help you.

-     Using an aftermarket master cylinder will require you to call us to verify it will not damage the unit. If you shim the slave or use a large bore master and damage the clutch your warranty is void.

-     All Monster Clutch Co. multi-disc units are put through multiple tests prior to leaving our facility. We go through great lengths to ensure you’re getting a clutch that is 100% ready to install when it arrives. In short, when it leaves here it is a perfectly working/functioning clutch – if something is amiss during installation or break in it is your (installer/consumer) responsibility to contact us prior to continued installation/usage. Any damages that occur from an improperly installed clutch are not covered under our warranty.

There are three recessed holes on the flywheel, make certain that these are aligned with the three indicators on the pressure plate. Don’t worry about the arrangement as all parts are individually balanced.


The bearing cap provided will slide over the release bearing. Do not use loctite or any lubricant. Make sure the cap fits firmly and completely over the bearing. If you have any question call us immediately.


Flywheel bolts are torqued in three phases, the torque specs are 15-37-74 ft/lbs of torque. The torque sequence is 1-4-6-2-5-3 for 6-bolt flywheels, 1-5-7-3-8-4-6-2 for 8-bolt flywheels, and 1-5-8-3-6-2-7-4-9 for 9-bolt flywheel.

Pressure plate bolts are torqued to 28ftlbs in the sequence of 1-4-6-2-5-3

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