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It’s no secret that the latest generation of slave cylinders GM has been putting in their performance cars have drawbacks. While the newer slave cylinders did much to alleviate some issues the older units had they actually have a much more severe issue to deal with. Many of the aftermarket companies are blaming the entire bearing assembly for failure. Upon research, we’ve discovered that the bearing itself isn’t the issue it’s the plastic piece upon which the bearing rides. This piece, when hot enough, disintegrates and causes some pretty catastrophic failures. This not only kills the slave cylinder, it also almost simultaneously kills the clutch in the process.

This is a guide that will show you how to install the Monster Clutch Co. upgraded bearing support on your 5th Gen Camaro, C6 Corvette, 1st or 2nd Gen CTS-V, and G8 GXP. It’s been written to allow the average DIY customer the means to perform this install with ease.

Here you can see a factory slave cylinder for a 5th Gen Camaro on the left and the upgraded billet bearing support from us on the right. Don’t worry, the overall design of these types of slave cylinders are the same.

Step 1

Remove the factory release bearing. This can be done by simply pulling the bearing off the slave.

Step 2

Here you can see the black plastic bearing support that we’re replacing. You can pull the boot down and twist it slightly to help see what you are doing. We are going to be removing the silver upper ring with a flat blade screwdriver. This is very easy to do and does not require a ton of force. BE CAREFUL! IF YOU RUIN THIS RING YOUR SLAVE IS WORTHLESS!

Step 3

Using a screwdriver, gently pry the ring off the top of the cylinder while holding the plastic bearing support down. Make sure that you are firmly holding the support down or it can pop off rather violently when the retainer is removed.

You can now pull the individual parts of the slave cylinder apart and it will look like this. If you have a used slave cylinder take the time to thoroughly clean it now.

Step 4

Now that you’ve gotten the setup apart you need to lubricate the inside of the new billet support with a good moly grease or equivalent. Make sure that you coat the entire inside of the body so that it’s evenly lubricated.

**This isn’t evenly coated, this image is to show you where the grease goes.**

Step 5

Make sure the boot is slid completely over the slave cylinder and reassemble the setup using the new billet support. Put the ring onto the top of the slave and press firmly to get it “started”. Compress the slave cylinder with one hand while gently tapping the ring back onto the top of the slave. Be careful not to use too much force as these are easily damaged and do not require much to be reinstalled.


You’ve just successfully installed the billet bearing support on your slave cylinder. You can now rest easy knowing it will not melt like the terrible piece GM gave us from the factory.

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