Billet Twin Install Tips


Billet Twin Installation Guide

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Thank you for purchasing a Monster Clutch product! Here are a few small reminders on basic things to do when installing a clutch. If you have any questions about your install please give us a call at 817-750-2000 or email us at

  • STOP! If you are installing this clutch in a CTS-V make certain that you use the following hardware. Flywheel Bolt pn – 11569956, and Pressure Plate Bolt pn – 12561465, this is very important!

· Make sure the flywheel surface is clean. Spray brake cleaner on a rag and wipe the surface down to get all packing oils, etc. off of the surface. This is important as the flywheel is one of the main surfaces that the clutch disc rides on.

· Make sure that all mating surfaces are clean. Use the same method as you did with the flywheel. This too is important due to this being the other main surfaces that the clutch discs rides on.

· When installing the clutch make certain that the disc pack reassembles exactly how you disassembled it. If you get this backwards your clutch will not disengage and damage will occur.

  • Our clutches typically do not require shimming of the slave cylinder, however, we recommend measuring the setup to make sure that the tolerances in your vehicle will not cause release issues. If you have any questions on this please contact us directly. Using an aftermarket master cylinder will require you to call us to verify it will not damage the unit. If you shim the slave or use a large bore master and damage the clutch your warranty is void .

· Please make sure that you use Red Loctite on the pressure plate bolts and GM Loctite w/sealant on the flywheel bolts.

There are three recessed holes on the flywheel, make certain that these are aligned with the three indicators on the pressure plate. Don’t worry about the arrangement as all parts are individually balanced.

The bearing cap provided will slide over the release bearing. Do not use loctite or any lubricant. Make sure the cap fits firmly and completely over the bearing. If you have any question call us immediately.

Flywheel bolts are torqued in three phases, the torque specs are 15-37-74 ft/lbs of torque. The torque sequence is 1-4-6-2-5-3


Pressure plate bolts are torqued to 28ftlbs in the sequence of 1-4-6-2-5-3

If you have any questions STOP and call us at 817-750-2000!